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Come & See the Peculiars!

Lauren currently is the drummer in the LA based band, The Peculiars.

The Peculiars is a band comprised of seasoned and exceptionally talented Los Angeles musicians and composers who play strictly 60s and 70s cover tunes.

You will leave smiling! It’s a blast! They play gigs in the Los Angeles area.

Please go to Lauren’s facebook page for updates! https://www.facebook.com/bighairdo

JUNE 2012
All of June is Lauren Wood Month on http://www.planetpootwaddle.com

Lauren Wood - Concert


It's been about six years... BUT....I'm back in the saddle again! Come see me and the fabulous Novi Novog on electric viola (also the equally fabulous Larry Tuttle will sit in on standup bass for a few numbers) at Sherry Barnett's Summer Concert Series "Concerts on the Lawn". It's a casual and fun setting.

Bring a blanket or a lawn chair and relax while listening to Novi's and my musical reunion!

When: August 30th. 2009 Gate Opens at 5:30
Music 6 pm-7-ish

Location: Sherry Barnett's Backyard, “Concerts On The Lawn” Series
North Hollywood, CA 91601 US
When: Sunday, August 30, 5:30PM
email: cattricks1@aol.com for details
or call 818 766-8787

Check Lauren out on facebook!

Click here to
Join the
Lauren Wood
Fan Club

Lauren Wood on facebook
Lauren recently performed voiceovers for the
“Young Masters Little Wisdom Adventures”
on the internet. If you have a child between 4-6, we highly recommend this free programming.
Click here to check it out:

Read the New Interview in
BeyondRace.Com Online Magazine
Catching Up with Lauren Wood
All Access Pass with Andrea Meyerson
Lauren talks about the success of her hit song, "Fallen" (from Pretty Woman),
her new CD, her art collection, and her greeting card company, Cat Tricks.

Watch Lauren's NEW Interview here:
Help is on the Way XIV
AIDS Benefit
Lauren sings "Fallen"
Performance begins at 7:30 PM
Click below for more info:

Help is on the Way is an elegant evening of fun
designed to raise funds for Bay Area AIDS service provider agencies.
Lauren was named #1 Female Vocalist of 2007 at Cafe Jazz!
Click here to watch Lauren's interview
on Agenda Magazine's website or
read it here !
Windows Mac
July - September 2007
Listen to Lauren's NEW ASCAP Audio Profile!
"Lauren's latest is her best yet ... and I've been a fan for years ...
besides if you don't play it she'll bug the hell out of all of us ...
so for Gawd sakes play it ... play it!"

Michael Sheehy, PlanetPootwaddle.com and formerly PD at KTWV and KNX
New! Click here to read the new REVIEW by Paul Zollo!
Senior Editor, American Songwriter Magazine, June 2007
Here is a hyperlink to a very cool youtube page where a guy from Singapore has
an instructional video on how to play “Fallen” on the guitar.

Curve Magazine - Interview (July Issue)
Lauren has been asked to participate on the Songwriter Panel at 2:15 pm and
will be autographing her CDs afterwards.
FEMALES ON FIRE: The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival
Celebrating women in music.
The first annual Los Angeles Women's Music Festival will be held on
Saturday August 25, 2007, from 10AM - 6PM.
@ Woodley Park
Corner of Woodley Ave & Victory Blvd
Encino CA 91406
(take the Metro and Save on Gas)
The Los Angeles Women's Music Festival 2007
April - June 2007

Live Webcast!

On Saturday May 5, 2007 Lauren is at in for for 3 songs at Kulak’s Woodshed
with her friend and co-writer Lindsay Tomasic.
Kulak’s Woodshed is located at:
5230-1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91607
They also did a live webcast!!
January - March 2007

Lauren visits with Barry Manilow
after his Las Vegas Show!

Lauren at the Harpseal.org
"Stop the Massacre" rally

Click on the image to see more photos!
American Songwriter Magazine – (June Issue) CD review by Paul Zollo
Bluerailroad.com – CD review

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On Internet Radio
Press Releases!

Press releases were published at all of the following:

KRON.COM Dallas News Publicity Insider
PR Newswire Los Angeles Times Ventura County Star - Entertainment
Yahoo Soapdom.Com Ventura County Star - CA News
Download a pdf of the KRON Press Release here.
The Dallas Morning News - Check out a very nice review on Sunday 1/7/2007.
Jazz Review and Jazz Police online sites – CD review (1/15/07).
Coming Soon!
Joe Montague is writing articles that will appear in Jazz Review and Pop Matters
In-Store Music:
These stores are playing Love, Death & Customer Sevice:
Borders, Ben & Jerry’s and Simon LA (trendy restaurant in Sofitel Hotel, LA)
October - December 2006
Check out Lauren's interview with Dan Kimpel in the "Music Connection here.
There are some comments about Lauren in the current issue (November/December 2006 Vol. 22) of "American Songwriter Magazine", the "Left Coast Lines" column, Page 36, 1st paragraph
Live Webcast!
Catch Lauren sang “Kodachrome” with Lindsay Tomasic  at Kulak's Woodshed
for a Paul Simon tribute for his 60th B-day called “The Paulfest” Thursday night, October 12th
Radio Interview!
Listen to Lauren's interview on Boston Radio Station WODS FM to air in November. Details will be posted here as soon as they are available.
July - August 2006
My Space!
Visit Lauren's My Space page at http://www.myspace.com/laurenwoodmusic
Picture Galleries
Many new images have been added to the Picture Gallery. Of particular interest is Lauren's essay "My Relationship With Animals" available from the Pets Picture Gallery. Also ... great new images of Lauren's Crib!
Music Pages
Check out the high quality Music Clips at http://www.laurenwood.com/music.html

New! REVIEW by Paul Zollo
Senior Editor, American Songwriter Magazine, June 2007

Paul gave Love, Death and Customer Service a 4 ½ Star Review
She contains multitudes: she’s a phenomenal vocalist, gifted songwriter and consummate producer. Her new album is an apt response to those who complain that nobody writes songs like they used to. She’s long been famous for great songs she’s penned, such as “Fallen,” from Pretty Woman, and for her records (including a hit duet with Michael McDonald, “Please Don’t Leave”) and her solo records and those she did with her former band, Chunky, Novi & Ernie. She’s the singer on the “Just Shoot Me” theme song, and even sang back-ups for the late great Frank Zappa. Now comes a new solo album, and it was worth the wait. Filled to the happy brim with great songs, which she wrote alone or co-wrote, it’s got beautiful vocals and great musicianship by musical luminaries such as Arno Lucas, Billy Payne, Stephen Bishop, Andrew Gold, and Lindsay Tomasic. There’s a vast range of melodic pop here – the most poignant having to be “Cora’s Theme,” which she wrote with the film composer Randy Edelman for the movie Last of the Mohicans. It’s heartbreakingly haunting, with a beautifully articulated and passionate vocal that delivers this stunning melody with crisp perfection, lovingly forested by warm strings. It resounds like a standard. “The Waiting Room” is a slippery soul excursion she co-wrote with Melissa Manchester; it’s got a great groove anchored by a sly funky bass by Jeff Hull, and her cover of the classic Rod Argent gem “Time Of The Season” is delicate, and archly anthemic. Culminating with the epic “Walk Towards The Light,” this is a nourishing anthology of soulful riches from a seriously talented lady.
Paul Zollo, Senior Editor, American Songwriter Magazine, June 2007
“Lauren Wood is simply a huge talent. The immensely creative singer/songwriter who gave the world “Fallen” has done it again. “Love Death & Customer Service” is filled with soul-satisfying songs with a unique blend of messages, all delivered with that trademark alto—the woman knows how to sell a song! You'll get to the end and immediately want to have another go”.
Dave Koz, Musician
“The last time I heard Lauren Wood's "Fallen" was some years ago in a taxi in San Francisco. As the driver turned up the volume on KKSF, he and I said simultaneously, "I love this song!" I've missed Wood's presence on radio, so it's a thrill to hear her stunning new project, Love, Death & Customer Service. Here, Wood's prodigious songwriting talent is matched by her expressive vocals and outstanding production; for smooth jazz, "Contradiction" and an unforgettable cover of The Zombies' "Time of the Season" stand out!”
Carol Archer, Radio & Records Magazine
“Love, Death and Customer Service is the freshest CD I’ve heard in years… and in the midst of a world where every singer sounds the same, Lauren has the freshest voice I’ve heard in years. I’m a fan for life!”
Patti Austin, Recording Artist
"She is the consummate artist, this Lauren Wood. She is brilliant. And her new release, LOVE, DEATH AND CUSTOMER SERVICE, showcases all of this brilliance in one package fantastic writing skills, a dazzling, distinctive voice, thoughtfully executed production and an overwhelming sense of fashion. CONTRADICTIONS is sophisticated, contemporary and jazzy A song that speaks to the heart and the soul, like FALLEN. LOVE, DEATH AND CUSTOMER SERVICE is one for the people from a songwriters

Sandy Shore, SmoothJazz.com
“Lauren Wood's new album "Love, Death, and Customer Service" is truly a testament to this artist's great talent and rampant creativity.  Acting as producer, songwriter, singer, keyboardist and even drummer, she has created an album with incredible energy and substance.  From the smooth jazz-funk feel of Steely Dan, to quirky pop tunes that bring to mind David Byrne or Ani DiFranco, to love songs with the depth and emotion of Kate Bush, she brings it all off with heartfelt sincerity coupled with a delightful sense of humor."
Wildman Steve Bronson , PD & Morning Show Host
WQNR-FM 99.9 THE ROCK, Auburn AL
"...Beautiful pop, smart, sophisticated and highly recommended."
Neil Fagen, The Performing Songwriter

"Wood has an earthy, deep voice capable of soaking subtext into just about every syllable she utters. Her moving delivery, coupled with a spare but infectious arrangement, demands the ear of triple-A, AC and even mainstream rock enthusiasts."
Larry Flick, Billboard Magazine

"What will strike you most about Wood's music is her sultry, sexy voice, but if you get past that, you will find subtly crafted tunes of immense sophistication and insight."
John Schoenberg, The Album Network (totally adult)

"Lauren has a special knack for mixing arresting lyrics with haunting melody's to capture special moments in time that relate not only to her but to everyone. The CD deserves to be played next to the ERIC CLAPTON'S and SHAWN COLVIN'S of the world - with it's melody and sounds, the fun, the various flavors, the hints of influences, especially a certain Liverpool group from the 60's."
Bob Blackburn, Westwood One Radio Networks

"She is an impressive artist and clearly one of the more creative people on the scene today."
Michael McVay, McVay Media

"One of the most impressive mainstream pop arrivals in some time. Wood displayed the convincing emotion that distinguishes superior artists from the razzle-dazzle effects that so ofeten hamper mainstream pop figures"
Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times

"Her exquisite natural sense of mood and timing are a focal point"
Cynthia Kirk, The Hollywood Reporter

"Lauren's performance was exceptional. Her voice was husky and distinctive. Her songs have infectious melodies and nothing short of a lobotomy will make you forget them.
Valerie Geller, Record Boy

"Lauren has an undeniably unique, sultry voice that has captivated a loyal following worldwide… from intimate and vulnerable… to a hint of the Beatles and a touch of humor…If only she would call more often."
Lauren's Mother, Dinner Table with Relatives


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