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Lauren, Ducky
and Norman *
Lauren & Ducky
Norman & Ducky
Lauren & Ducky *
Lauren Wood's pet jerboa, Franklin, dancing on the sofa
Franklin & Eleanor D. Roosevelt
Lauren taking
her Jerboa for a walk
Lauren's favorite pet! :)
listening & wagging
Norman, listening
Norman's Birthday
Norman, resting
Norman, coy
Norman, whistful
Norman often balances toilet paper
on his head to maintain his agility
Images of taken for CatTrick's Greetings,
Lauren's company with partner, Sherry Barnett, who is also a popular free-lance photographer. *
The famous & beloved,
The Bunny, CatTrick's first model *
This baby mockingbird was knocked out of it's nest.
Little Sauly
Lauren rescued these kittens from an abandoned house where they were dumped and found homes for all of them.
This squirrel fell out of his nest and was malnourished and dehydrated. Lauren took care of him then turned him over to a professional who nursed him then set him free.
Lauren Wood in Maylasia
with a close relative
& Rhino
Lion with Big Hairdo
at Shambala
Sawfish ... happy face
Manta Ray
* Photos by Sherry Barnett
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